Are Celebrity Endorsements Really Worth It?

Image I am not ashamed at all to admit that I am the biggest Taylor Swift fan you will ever meet. You may have heard that Taylor is the new spokesperson for Diet Coke, so what does this mean for me? Will I suddenly start switching my coveted Dr. Pepper for Coke to be more like my idol? What I am really getting at here is asking is what is the point of having celebrities endorse products? Is it really effective?

I found an interesting article on the subject that claims that the key to having successful celebrity endorsements is to make sure to find the right fit between celebrity and brand. That is, the media perception of the celebrity should match up with the customer perception of the brand. They use Ashton Kutcher for Nikon as a good example of this concept done well. I’m not so sure that Taylor Swift is the perfect fit for Diet Coke, but I’m no marketing expert.

Another interesting point made by this article is that on average, companies who use celebrity endorsements see a stock increase of .25%. Also, according to Advertising Age, “sales can increase up to 20% when endorsement starts.” So maybe these endorsements really are a good way to go, I guess we can find out by watching Diet Coke sales with the help of Taylor Swift.

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