Customers Ask for a More Seamless Experience

A new study by Accenture found that consumers are looking for a more seamless shopping experience. The cause of this sudden interest? The growth of online shopping as a consumer preference. Because of the increased use of mobile devices as shopping platforms, consumers are  looking for a better integration of  in-store, online and mobile shopping channels. In fact,  88% of consumers reported that they have participated in “webrooming,” which means they browse for products first online, and follow up by buying in-store. This is a huge opportunity for retailers to gain competitive advantage by integrating the consumer experience in this way.

The study suggests that consumers are still happy with the in-store experience. It offers a certain social aspect that mobile and online channels just can’t compete with. However, retailers could really benefit from improving their online and mobile channels. Only 74% of consumers reported that they thought online shopping was easy, and only 26% found shopping on a mobile device easy or user-friendly. Obviously there is still a lot of room for improvement.

A transition into a more seamless experience, however, may not be such an easy feat. According to the article from, “Seamlessness is a tall order for most traditional retailers.Traditional retailers must take stock of their operational capabilities. They require a presence at every stage of the customer journey to deliver a consistently personalized, on-brand experience from discovery through research, purchase, fulfillment and beyond to product maintenance or returns.”

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